15 March 2008, University of Dundee
Across the Divide: Interdisciplinary Dialogues on the Archive

Immensely rich and important historical artefacts and documents are contained and maintained in a variety of publicly run archives and private collections in the UK and elsewhere. In the past, research on collections has been the preserve of specialist scholars. There is much to be gained by developing an interdisciplinary approach and a self-reflexive methodology. `Across the divide: Interdisciplinary dialogues on the archive’ is a workshop that brings together scholars from Archive and information studies, History, Literary studies, Cultural and Book history, and Film studies to initiate dialogue and reflect collectively on the construction, mobilisation and deployment of archival records in all formats. Speakers: David Finkelstein, Jennie Hill, Peter Krämer, Alison Light, Roberta McGrath, and John Regan.